Our Activities


Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl has expert global knowledge extending beyond its main offices in Africa, with their network of agents around the world totaling well over 300 offices in over 170 countries. LCA is able to offer services across the globe including Europe, Americas and Asia. No matter what the cargo our staff with our trusted partners will find the best solution for all your transport needs.

Project Forwarding:
specializes in Project Forwarding, oversized and breakbulk shipments are handled with absolute professionalism and precision.

LCA owns all its trucking equipment including over 500 trucks and its own heavy logistics equipment including 80 lowbeds and cranes.

LCA experience includes:

  • Embassy cargo delivery
  • Petroleum projects
  • Mining projects
  • Road construction
  • Stadium projects
  • Hospital Projects
  • Bridge construction

LCA provides police escort from the port to job site and thus, offers this service to all our clients.


Air Freight:
Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl airfreight group is able to offer its clients consolidations to and from any African location.

No matter what your air transport needs are LCA can assist you, with a wide range of additional services including:

  • AWB issuing and processing
  • Airfreight consolidation
  • Inbound & outbound airfreight handling
  • Customs brokerage
  • Packing & crating
  • Specialized door to door service
  • Over size and out of gage airfreight
  • Collect payment shipments
  • Special cargo charters
  • AOG (air craft on ground) service


LCA can handle every type of move from start to finish just leave it to the local experts.


Sea Freight:
Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl sea freight division is able to offer its clients a wide range of services to and from any African location.

Sea Freight has the most options available and LCA understands that every client has different needs. This is why LCA works with their customers to find the best possible customized package that suits every customer. With LCA’s local knowledge and wide range of partners worldwide LCA can identify what options best suit each individual. LCA’s services include:

  •   Export and Import consolidation
  •   Combining air, road and sea freight services
  •   Door to door delivery
  •   Custom brokerage
  •   L.C.L consolidation
  •   F.C.L consolidation
  •   Warehousing, distribution and delivery
  •   Order follow-up tracking systems
  •   Supply chain tracking systems
  •   Factory stuffing
  •   Multi-model transport operators
  •   Infrastructure and services facilities at sea ports and dry parts


With our dedicated team of experts and our unmatched levels of experience and service we can match you with the best option for your exacting requirements.  


Shipping Agency:

  • Activities
  • Fast vessel operation (loading/discharging)
  • Cargo tracking knowledge
  • Experience in Vessel's Consignment, chartering and stevedoring (Containers - vehicles - break bulk carriers + ore vessels + tankers)
  • Estimate to know how to make in the fast treatment of ships followed and management of the goods Experience in deposit, chartering and handling of ships (carry (wear) containers - carry(wear) vehicles - RoRo - Members of the National Convention - Ore tankers and tankers.)
  • Estimate followed know how to ship conventional pétrolier


Customs Clearance:
Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl specialized in customs clearance formalities for both imports and exports. LCA is the local experts and with their dynamic team of professional our clients can rest assured their cargo is in good hands. LCA takes their jobs seriously and delivering your valuable goods – efficiently, safely and just-in-time is a must in order to maintain our level of service promise to our clients.


Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl offers its clients with the option for warehousing services, able to perform tasks of a full-service distributor yet able to customize a service package that caters to your distribution needs. LCA can store your goods and provide expert inventory management for any clients needs.

LCA keeps your cargo secure and are able to handle any number of movements in and out of our facilities so no mater how large or small your warehousing needs are leave it to LCA as we can handle your shipment from beginning to end while handling everything in between.

Warehousing services include:

  • Trans something freight
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Short Term Warehouse storage
  • Long Term Warehouse storage
  • Pick and Pack services


On Carriage:
Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl is a major provider of drive-away transportation services offering speedy delivery with excellent cargo care to any of the inland countries such as Mali, Burkina faso, Niger etc.

LCA is able to offer its services at low costs due to its ownership of its own fleet of land vehicles including over 500 trucks with over 80 heavy logistics equipment such as lowbeds and cranes across Western Africa.

With offices in Lome (head office), Cotonou, Abidjan, Burkina faso, Niger and Bamako we know the local terrain and our with our pool of knowledgable drivers we can find the best route for your cargo.

Ocean Activities:

Logistique Commerciale d’Afrique (LCA) Sarl has fast vessel operation (loading/discharging) and cargo tracking facilities. LCA is highly experienced in Vessel consignment, chartering and stevedoring (Containers - vehicles - break bulk carriers + ore vessels + tankers) plus fast turnaround of ships and the management of goods and cargo.

LCA is able to provide deposits, arrange chartering and handling of conventional and container ships, RoRo, Ore tankers, petroleum carriers and bulk tankers. 

LCA is a member of the National Convention


Ships Chandelling and Ships Spares
Selling in Duty Free :

  • Marine lubricant and gas oil
  • Canned beverages
  • Other chandelling products for vessels